Scenes From Our Weekend

On Thursday I cut and colored my hair for my trip.  I have almost gotten a bob the past three times I went to get my hair cut, but I always chicken out.  I never know how to style it long and I always end up putting it up in a ponytail or bun, so I finally decided to pull the trigger.  I'm loving it so far!  I go to Rayna at Smoke and Mirrors salon.  I asked for the "Caroline Stanbury"!


On Friday night we had a Hello Fresh dinner called Sugar Sweet Pork Chops with Mixed Root Veggies. The glaze on the pork was amazing - spicy and sweet. I added zucchini and extra carrots to the roasted veggies and served a beet and goat cheese salad on the side.  (I'm trying to get rid of all the veggies in the house before my trip because I know no one's going to be chowing down on carrots and zucchini while I'm gone. "Sadness," as Darby would say.)

On Saturday Darby and I had girl time and got our nails done.  We had so much fun chatting that I forgot to take a picture. 

We had Christian's Pizza for dinner, put the kids to bed, and then Mark and I watched multiple episodes of Big Bang Theory.  He doesn't normally watch anything other than the Golf Channel, so this is a big deal that he'll watch this with me. I'm on season five and I'm already starting to get sad about running out of episodes to watch. 


On Sunday I wore my white bell sleeve top (similar under $60) to church with my favorite pants from Banana. (And, no, I did not name my daughter after them. It's just a coincidence.) I bought these four years ago and I'm still wearing them. I also wore this necklace which is so simple and goes with everything. My shoes are four years old, but I found these black ones that I'm loving on sale! They also come in nude. My girlfriend has the suede version and loves.  I would get the patent ones because I'm so hard on shoes.


The high was 81 here on Sunday (so glad I'm flying to St. Maarten this week to escape this terrible winter we're having!) After church we had brunch at the golf course and the Mark and Darby took off for 18 holes with Mark's friend and her daughter. And I got to go home by myself and watch Big Bang Theory all afternoon while Sloan napped. Heaven.


Have a great week! I'm hoping to write a post or two while in St. Maarten, but I'm not promising anything. My plan is to park it in the pool at Villa Namste all week and read a book or two!

Super Bowl-less Weekend + Dinner Date Outfit + Senior Prom Memory

I started off the weekend at The Legwarmers concert at The National.  Darby and I had so much fun doing our makeup.  Thank goodness to Pinterest for paint-by-numbers 80s eye makeup.  Darby got this makeup kit from Santa which was the perfect color palette.


My girlfriend bought the cutest splatter paint leggings!  She definitely had the best outfit of the night.

Here's a picture of the whole gang!  I just wore black workout leggings, a cut tee shirt, this fanny pack, and these legwarmers.  And FYI, I wish the fanny pack would make a comeback.  It was the perfect way to carry my purse and cards while still having my hands free for 80s dancing. 

My girlfriend brought a crimper she ordered on Amazon to the pre-party and we all did our hair together.  I think that part was more fun than the concert!

On Saturday night we went to Buckhead's for dinner for a friend's birthday.  The shirt, clutch, and booties are no longer available, but I've found similar options:  (similar shirt under $25, similar shirt under $30, similar shirt under $70 | jeans, similar jeans under $70 | similar booties | similar clutch). 

prom night.jpg

I actually went to Buckhead's for senior prom and going there always reminds me of this fabulous prom dress.  It was from Sears and had marabou on the top.  Unfortunately, they don't make those anymore. 


My husband went out to watch the Super Bowl with friends and I was so excited to stay in with my crockpot chicken tikka masala and watch Big Bang Theory.  Unfortunately, my attempt at crockpot Indian food was a bust - the food blogger always says "this recipe tastes just like the real thing" and I always fall for it.  It was edible but just didn't come close to real Indian food, so I made a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich for dessert.  I'm loving Jif Whips peanut butter right now and I used Trader Joe's coconut oil spray instead of butter.  The coconut oil spray took the sandwich to the next level.  It is a must.

Have a great week!

My Favorite Finds At Costco

It has taken me about a year to get into a groove at Costco.  At first I thought I could use it to replace my weekly grocery store visit.  Wrong.  We just couldn't eat the fresh things fast enough and my original 1940s kitchen did not have the storage for a gallon of ketchup, soy sauce, and olive oil. 

What has ended up working out well for us is making a trip once every 4-6 weeks to stock up on longer-lasting items.  In addition to loving and buying the Kirkland brand of toilet paper, paper towels (they are select-a-size!), diapers, and wipes, below are some of the purchases I keep coming back to along with two new finds.

Darby loves these applesauce pouches and they are so easy to pack for a school snack.  They are only $9.99 for a 24 pack which comes to about .42 cents a pouch.  That is way less than in the grocery store.

This is one of my favorite almond butters and it is only $7.99 for 27 ounces.  In the grocery store, you will pay $7.99 for a container a quarter of this size. 


I also buy organic chicken breasts, ground beef, and ground turkey at Costco.  All of the packages separate easily for storage in the freezer.  Our freezer is tiny, so I'm usually tucking things into every nook and crany. 

These whole grain pancakes are our newest breakfast obsession.  We went through one 24 ounce box from the grocery store just last week.  I'm hoping this box will last at least three weeks as it contains three 24 ounce pouches.

These are the Costco brand of Quest protein bars.  I've tried both and I think these taste way better.  And, Quest bars cost about $2 each and these cost just under $1 each.  I don't eat them every day, but they are good to have on hand for hunger emergencies.  Better than eating fries, that's for sure!

I either get Veggie Straws or Pirate's Booty on every Costco run.  I make wraps for lunch and I need something salty and crunchy to go along with it.  Darby also loves to take them to school for snack.

I just ran out of Trader Joe's mini chicken cilantro wontons and Darby and I tasted these at Costco and really liked them.  And they don't have "salad" in them (cilantro), so Darby liked them even better. 

I always keep frozen cauliflower rice and veggies on hand so I can whip up a super quick dinner with wontons/dumplings and cauliflower fried rice.  So quick and easy. 

I've seen this brand at Ellwood Thompson's, so I knew it was the Tesla of frozen foods.  I think I've had a Boca Burger before, but not recently enough that I can recall the experience.  I tried one of these out as soon as I got home and I really like it.  There are actual peas and pieces of carrots in them and they were super flavorful.  I think they will be a good food for Sloan pretty soon, but the face Darby made when I was eating mine tells me she will be much harder to win over.  I think I'll eat them like a straight up like a burger sometimes and I also found 10 creative ways to eat veggie burgers over here.

Our go-to snack is either apple slices with peanut butter, almond butter, or a mini Babybel cheese.  These are great for school lunch as well!

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to see The Legwarmers tomorrow night for the first time and I am so excited!  My friend just got a hair crimper and my outfit is almost ready!

A Busy Watson Weekend + Bell Sleeves On Repeat

This weekend was jam-packed with a lot of family time.  Mark started a family movie night tradition on Friday nights a few weeks ago.  So far we've watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; White Fang; and Annie.  Mark and Darby picked The Lego Movie this time and I wasn't too excited.  However, it was hilarious - lots of laughs for the adults in this one.  Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt are in it, so I should have known.  The number one rule for family movie night is no phones, so Darby always gets a kick out of confiscating and hiding them from us.  We are trying to eat super healthy around here, so I made a beet and goat cheese salad, grilled rockfish, and roasted asparagus for dinner.  It was super easy and yummy.


I got the beets from Trader Joe's and used white balsamic vinegar as the dressing.  I walked down the street to the Yellow Umbrella for the rockfish, asparagus, and goat cheese.  They have the best fish selection in town and are very helpful.  They also have a new sandwich bar for lunch which I've been meaning to try. 


On Saturday, Sloan ate pancakes for the first time (made with Kodiak mix) and I had egg white oats with pb and banana (shocker!).   


I went to the gym Saturday morning with my friends and we did day 36 (legs and calves) of Kris Gethin's 12 Week Muscle Building Trainer.  I have the free app and I love it.  We followed up with an ab circuit including one minute each of planks, incline bench sit-ups, and medicine ball throws against a trampoline.  We did each exercise four times for a total of 12 minutes.  I made them take a selfie for the blog.  They were thrilled.

On Saturday night Mark took Darby to a Richmond Spiders basketball game and I stayed home, ordered Thai takeout, and started season two of The Big Bang Theory (my idea of a perfect Saturday night).  I was telling my mom how I loved the pianist in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins (which I thought was hilarious but Mark would beg to differ).  Any who, she said if I loved him I should watch the The Big Bang Theory because he's in it...and she happened to have the whole DVD set.  I finished season one in two days and I'm about halfway through season two. 

On Sunday we had a baptism class at our church for Sloan and then I took Darby to a doll tea party.  It was so cute!  We had to borrower a baby doll because she literally does not own a single one.  I asked her if she wanted one for Christmas and she responded, "What would I even do with that?"  They had pink lemonade, tea sandwiches, and a "water fountain with pink chocolate" (in Darby's words as she recapped over the phone for my sister).


I wore this dress and this necklace and Darby wore this dress which I have bought for the second year in a row (in a different color) and is on sale now.

Mark recruited a babysitter for a date night for us on Sunday night so we went to Osaka for sushi.  I got the lollipop roll again!  It is everything.

I wore this top which I got at Wardrobe but it is sold out (similar for less here and here), this necklace again, and these jeans.  The top was a splurge, but a good white top that I can wear any season is always a good investment in my book.  The necklace is simple enough to go with everything yet still adds a nice flair to any outfit.  The flats are Steve Maddens but they are so old and are no longer made.  These are the closest I could find but are more expensive, unfortunately. 

Hope you had a great weekend!  I'm going to see The Legwarmers this weekend so I'm scrambling to put together a good 80s outfit.  I'll report back with the final product!

My Favorite New Breakfast + Free Workout App I'm Loving

I have come up with so many blog ideas in my head over the past month or so, but I keep failing to sit down and actually write them.  I thought I would have more time to blog when I started staying home, but it feels like less time because there are always little children who need something - they are way more impatient than my clients.  I'll try to remember some of the things I was going to post about.  Prepare for random!

I am obsessed with egg white oats for breakfast.  I just microwave 1/2 cup egg whites with 1/4 cup oats until all the egg whites are cooked and top with peanut or almond butter and a sliced banana.  So yummy and filling.  Some recipes include water or milk, but I have been perfectly happy with just the egg whites.  The egg whites are flavorless and add some fluff.  It is a little smelly, so be prepared.  I can only eat this during the week once my husband has left for work because he complains about the smell.  It doesn't bother me as much.

Cara Cara oranges.  The best!  Just try them! 

I try to make it to Trader Joe's once a month and I always buy this.  It's the best brown rice and it only takes 3 minutes in the microwave.  For some reason, I always screw up rice when I make it on my own.  It's either too hard or turns to mush.  I think it's my impatience and inability to follow directions.

I've been using the Trader Joe's rice to make rice bowls for dinner.  This one was so easy.  I just threw a chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, sesame seeds, and a simple sauce (one part soy sauce, one part water, and one part rice vinegar) on top of the rice.  Easy peasy. 

I bought several of these Health Warrior chia bars at the grocery store when they were on special, and they are so yummy.  My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter.  I just ordered a box of that flavor on Amazon.  They are on sale for less than $1 a bar right now.  Chia is supposed to be so good for you.  I also bought this bag of chia seeds to put on my oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and in smoothies. 


I finally learned how to make an omelette after years of egg scrambles.  I watched a YouTube video which I can't find anymore, but here's a similar one.  I've been making them with egg whites and sautéed veggies like spinach, mushrooms, onion, and red pepper.  I use coconut oil spray instead of butter or olive oil and it works like a charm.  I can never decide between Tabasco or Siracha, so I usually do half and half.

I got this roll last week at Osaka, and it is so good and light!  It's called the Lollipop Roll, and it's not on the menu.  I had it at Mai Sushi once and asked Osaka if they could do something similar (because going off-menu is my favorite way to annoy my husband).  I also just heard Wegman's has a Skinny Roll with no rice.  A friend sent me a picture, and it looks amazing! 

I've switched things up at the gym a bit.  I'm still doing Body Combat on Tuesdays and Cycling on Thursdays for cardio, but I've been lifting the other five days of the week.  I'm on week five of this app, and I think I'm starting to see small arm muscles emerge.  I think.  If my arms are positioned just so. 

My girls trip to St. Maarten is coming up quickly and we have a wedding in Mexico in May, so I'm trying my best to work on this mom bod.  I've always liked lifting weights, but I just never knew where to start.  This app has daily video, gives you ideas on diet, and shows you exactly how to do each exercise, and IT'S FREE! 

Each day targets a different muscle group (back and calves, chest and triceps, shoulders, or legs).  If there are no abs on a certain day, I usually add in my own.  It's nice to have the schedule planned out so If I'm not able to make it to the gym, I know what I need to focus on at home and I find something on Pinterest to do.  (Just an FYI, the app is free because he's trying to sell you his weight lifting products in the video, but he keeps it at a minimum and it doesn't bother me at all.)

That's pretty much my life right now.  Lots of food and the gym!  Now to end with a funny - Sloan swiped some little boy's paci at the gym the other day and I didn't notice until we got home.  We're going to have to keep an eye on that one.

These workout pants, by the way, are everything.  The high waist not only sucks in your tummy, but I'm not constantly pulling them up when I'm doing cardio like all of my other pants, so fashion and function.  You're welcome!

Weekly Dinner Plan + Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Happy Monday!  Here's what we'll be eating at our house this week.  Can you tell I'm a huge SkinnyTaste fan? 

SLOW COOKER 3-BEAN TURKEY CHILI | The weather is cooling down, so I'm excited to try out this crockpot chili.  I bought a huge supply of ground turkey at Costco last month, so I'm always looking for recipes with ground turkey.  The turkey burgers from two weeks ago were a hit!

SPIRALIZED SHANGHAI BEEF AND BROCCOLI | I'm always excited about Asian food and breaking out my spiralizer.  I have a very small kitchen, so I don't usually like to acquire new kitchen gadgets, but I use my spiralizer a few times a week.  I have this one and I love it!  It's very easy to clean and to switch between different blades.  Darby loves to help.

I made curly sweet potato curly fries to serve with the turkey burgers and they were amazing.  They are so easy to make.  Simply preheat the oven to 450 degrees and then spiralize your sweet potatoes.  (I do one sweet potato per person.)   Next, spray a cookie sheet with coconut oil spray and place the spirals on the cookie sheet .  Spray the top with a little extra coconut oil.  Bake for 20-25 minutes until they are a little crispy and salt and pepper to taste.  So yummy!

Have a great week!

Weekly Roundup + Fall Shift Dress


I watched the first episode of The Good Place this week and I really like it. There are so many good shows starting right now, it's hard to find time to watch them all. I may have to cut Married At First Sight from the lineup because that one's not really doing it for me anymore. 

I've been trying out this technique to get Darby to tell me about her day at school and so far it is working like a charm!

Round up five friends or two other couples and head to this remote villa on Rose Island in the Bahamas. Pricing starts at $133/person/night.  If you're looking for privacy and relaxation, this is the place.

Mark and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary at Metzger Bar and Butchery located in Church Hill. So yum! I highly recommend it. It's small and cozy, my favorite type of restaurant.  Definitely order a charcuterie board with one or two of the house-made meats if you go.

I had no plans on buying a dress anytime soon, but I saw one of my girlfriends try this one on and I fell in love.  This picture does not do it justice, unfortunately.  Darby tried to take one as well, but it was terribly crooked. 


The dress is at Nordstrom in six different colors.  Mine is sapphire - the picture online looks lighter than it is in person.  The brand is Cece and there are a bunch of other great, classic dresses for fall at Nordstrom.