Weekend Fun + Upgrade Your Game Night Collection

This weekend was a whirlwind. I had a blast but I am definitely looking forward to a weekend with no plans.

On Thursday night we finally tried out L'Opossum (I think we made reservations in early February?). It was definitely a unique dining experience and I'm glad we went. Our server was incredible and gave such passionate descriptions of each appetizer, main, and dessert.

The lobster mac and cheese is everything!

And so is the Swashbuckling Bundt Pirate Drench in Hot Buttered Rum! (A very fancy pineapple upside-down cake. Yum!)


On Friday night we celebrated my friend Meghan's birthday by taking the SkyFit class at SkyZone. The class is Wednesday and Friday nights at 6 p.m. It was a blast but exhausting. Be prepared to sweat.

Immediately after sharing a few pictures from the night on Facebook and IG, ads for these started popping up all over our Facebook and IG. I guess our age + the activity = you may be needing them. No comment.

We got takeout from Melito's (I always get the hot dog plate. You can't beat it.) and played games the rest of the night.

We played What Do You Meme? which is like Cards Against Humanity except the person judging draws a picture card to place on the easel and then the players select a card from their hand that combines with the picture to make the best meme. The judge then selects the meme he/she thinks is the funniest to be the winner.

When we got tired of memes we played Watch Ya' Mouth. This one is a little more lively and I think I prefer it. The mouth pieces prevent you from saying certain sounds and your team has to guess what you are saying. Here's a funny video demonstration. (And, guess what ad popped up when I went to watch it? How do I make it stop? Do I need to clear my cookies or something? Please assist if you can - I do not understand the interwebs.)

On Saturday I mulched the front yard. I am one of those weird people who loves yard work. We also grilled out and chilled at home. It was a beautiful evening.

On Sunday morning we went to church and then we went to brunch and I ordered these beautiful breakfast nachos. It was so yummy but I feel like I should have been warned they would have fed five people. I'm thinking of recreating at home one day so I had to snap a picture (and I also like to take pictures of my food in public because it embarrasses my husband).

On Sunday night we had a neighborhood cookout. I was in charge of dessert. Instead of actually making dessert, I bought different flavors of these Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches and cut them up so that people can try out different flavors. My favorite flavors are Fat Elvis (banana ice cream with peanut butter cookie sandwich dipped in chocolate), Strawberry Cheesecake, and Cookie Monster. The company is local and sells the sandwiches around Virginia. I get ours at Libbie Market.