Curasail in Curacao

The highlight of our 2015 trip to Curacao was a sailing day trip to Fuik Bay with Peter and Brigitte of Curasail Yacht Charters.  I found them on TripAdvisor, but they only had one review at the time and the price seemed a little too good to be true ($125/person) for what they offered so I was a little wary. (I speak from experience as my quest to save money once led me to buy a La Blanca swimsuit that retails for $109 at Nordstrom on Amazon for $30 and it had just about as much stretch as a piece of leather so I had to return and fork over the $109 as I couldn't pull it above my ankles, but I digress.)  

Unlike the other day boat cruises in our price range ($80-$150/person) which meant sharing a big boat with the cruise ship crowds, for the same price we would be on our own beautiful private sailboat for five hours, be able to play our own music, make our own itinerary (when to beach, when to snorkel, when to eat), and enjoy a five star four course lunch menu and open bar.  You see the source of my concern?  Way too good to be true.

We decided to take our chances, and we were so glad that we did.  It turns out that we were only the second group to charter the boat and Peter and Brigitte had just started the business so they were offering a really good deal to attract customers and perfect their experience. From their website it looks like they have raised the price from $125/person to $225/person, so we were very fortunate to have gotten in so early.  Even with the pricing increase, knowing what we know now about the quality of the experience, I think we would still splurge to enjoy such an amazing day with these two amazing hosts.  

Make sure to check out my review of our villa in Curacao and a recap of our girls' trip to Turks and Caicos.  Brigitte was kind enough to email me the recipes from the day, so I'll be sharing them soon!