Square Foot Gardening | February Prep

My great-grandmother and grandfather used to garden and I remember loving to watch them plant, work in, and harvest their gardens.  I started square foot gardening two summers ago, and I've loved every second of it.  It's a great stress reliever to get outdoors and get your hands dirty.  My daughter loves to help.  She's a good eater in general, but she gets so much more excited about eating vegetables when she's picked them herself.  February is a great month to get started by building a garden box or two.  See below for pictures of my garden boxes and the plan I followed for getting started my first year.  

square foot garden.jpg

Frugal Dad's Guide to Getting Started


  • It cost me more than $50/box my first year because of the price of the compost, vermiculite, and peat moss.  I did have plenty left over to mix in for year two, though.  I can't remember exactly, but I would estimate at $80/box.
  • I added 2x2s on the back of each bed for a cucumber/tomato trellis.  I used screw hooks and natural twine to make the cucumber trellis.  Once the tomatoes outgrew their cages, I tied larger branches with twin to the 2x2s for extra stability.
  • I stapled chicken wire to the bottom of my boxes to keep the critters out.