6 Neutral Sandals for Spring and My Summer in China

A few years ago I started to rebuild my wardrobe with classic, neutral pieces.  It stemmed from always feeling like I had nothing to wear even though my closet was filled with options.  I would buy clothes that I felt great about for a few months, and then quickly felt like I needed something new to replace them.  Once I had my daughter and had two people to dress, something had to give.  Trying on multiple outfits each morning was no longer an option.

In the back of my mind when I found myself frustrated with getting dressed, I always looked back to the summer I taught English in China and survived on one work outfit for six weeks.  In training they told us we could only wear 2-3 outfits the whole 6 weeks in front of our students as to not come across as materialistic Americans.  I packed my usual amount of clothes and decided that was just a light suggestion.  However, I quickly noticed after the first week that my students had worn the same outfit everyday and started to feel like a materialistic American.  I quickly conformed--forget the 2-3 outfit rule from training, I decided one was quite enough and I loved every minute of it.  I gained an extra twenty minutes of sleep each night and had one less thing to think about in the morning.

Unfortunately, when I returned home from China, I eventually regressed to the usual routine of scanning through my closet every morning for a new OOTD.  It wasn't until a few years back that I found a way to simplify my wardrobe and mornings--I cut my wardrobe in half and made sure every purchase counted.  I've also developed a few rules about how and what I buy which I will elaborate on later.  One of the rules I try to follow is to only buy black and nude shoes (and maybe a leopard pair every so often), and right now I'm adding some nude sandals for the spring and summer. 

                         Left:  1 ,   2 ,   3                                     Right:  1 ,   2 ,   3


             Left: 1,  2,  3                                    Right: 1,  2,  3

Since I don't buy as many shoes and clothes as I used to, I do my research and scour blogs and the internet for well-reviewed, quality, and versatile items.  Above are a few of the sandals I found during my search.  I narrowed it down to the Joie Amina sandals and the Loeffler Randal Petal Toe Ring sandals.  

I tried on both pairs at Saks last weekend.  Loved them both, but the Joie ones were so comfy--I felt like I was walking on a cloud.  They are also less dressy than the Loeffler Randall sandals so a little more versatile. I ended up scoring the Joie ones a few days ago on their website for 25% off as they were having their Friends and Family Sale.  

They were definitely more expensive than I would have liked, but they are the only sandals I'll need for the entire summer and I have no qualms with wearing the same shoes everyday.  (I also immediately cleaned out my closet and made $80 at Clothes Mentor, so the sandals actually only cost $120.  At least that's how I'll explain it to my husband when they arrive.)  And maybe I did just pay more for one pair of sandals than I will on my 2nd child's Ikea dresser, but anyone who puts an Ikea dresser together deserve a reward.