Birthday Present Shortcuts for Busy Parents + A Few Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We are definitely entering into a season a life where we have a birthday party almost every weekend.  Even with Amazon making shopping so easy, I always seem to procrastinate and I'm scrambling the day of the party to find a present.  This errand is no longer as easy with a baby to tote in and out of the car and the store.  I also am not a fan of excess toys and clutter, so burdening other parents with these things just doesn't seem right.  

I've started simplifying this process with a few easy gift ideas I always try to have ready to go.  The last time I went to Sweet Frog and 7-Eleven,  I bought two $10 gift cards to keep in my wallet.  I also always have cute blank cards like these on hand.  When a birthday comes around (i.e. it's Saturday), I let my daughter decorate the blank card before the party, pop in a gift card, and we are in business.  No more last minute shopping and cluttering our friends' homes with unnecessary toys.  Last weekend we did 7-Eleven and we used an empty slurpee cup for the gift bag.  Super simple and free!  

I also thought buying $10 worth of Chuck E. Cheese's tokens as a gift if you're looking to avoid buying toys, but I'm not sure if subjecting other parents to Chuck E. Cheese's is the best idea.  The kid would love it and it's always good for a rainy or hot day.  Use that one at your own risk!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!  If you are a cardholder, you can shop now.  If not, you have to wait until July 22nd.  I found a few things I love that are currently marked down:

La Blanca Swimsuit in Cranberry | I have this suit in black but the cranberry color is gorgeous. Great mom suit!