A Very Bad Cycling Experience + Workout Inspiration

Happy Hump Day! 

I just started working out again for the first time in about four years and I'm so glad to be back.  It doesn't hurt that the gym has free babysitting and I can shower after my workout without worrying about whether or not the baby has woken up or if Darby has eaten all the Pirate's Booty in the pantry (what do they put in that stuff??--she practically inhales it). 

I've been loving the classes at the new gym I joined...until Tuesday.  Tuesday I took cycling and everything was just bad.  Bad music.  Bad teacher.  It was painful.  I couldn't put my finger on it until the end of the class, but I realized what was missing: the ride narrative:  "Now we're climbing a big hill, raise the gear level by three...now we are on flat road, lower your gear level by four...big hill coming, stand up in the saddle...now we're downhill, lower the gear again."  This instructor just barked "up 3, down 2, up 4..."  How am I supposed to cycle my heart out without being able to visualize where I'm going?  Puh-lease.  Will not be back to that class.  (It was pretty empty, by the way.  Obviously others feel the same.)

Zella Tank | Sleek and Strong POPSUGAR CircuitZella Leggings | Amazon Cardio Playlist | Nike Shoe

On Sunday I did a little at-home workout which will be perfect when the kids are sick or there's a snow day and I can't make it to the gym.  I loved these circuits and you only need a set of light weights.   The cardio playlist is from Amazon Music.  If you are a Prime member, you can download the app and have access to tons of free music, stations, and playlists with zero ads.

The tank and leggings are my favorite right now --I picked them both up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I'm wearing the top below.  It looks great with a fun sports bra.  Mine is from Target (similar).