Things I Did Not Go To Target For...

I was at the beach from Wednesday through Sunday with my friends, so I took a little break from posting.  The beach with a baby and a four year-old was exhausting.  I had a blast but I was happy to come home and get back into a routine.  

My girlfriend left me a voicemail yesterday morning to let me know Target girls' leggings are on sale for $5.  My daughter lives in this in the fall/winter, so I was excited to stock up.  I ended up buying almost her entire fall wardrobe in less than 15 minutes as most of Cat and Jack brand basics are on sale.  She still needs a sweater or two and a new pair of shoes, but the majority of the shopping is done.  

Cat & Jack Tees (most are $5 each as well)

Still looking for this top online...

Arrow Print Leggings (our favorite!)

Leopard Leggings

There were a few other combinations, but my model was getting hangry.  

So, I went in for a few pairs of leggings and left with a fall wardrobe, a curling iron, mousse, and lip gloss. It always seems to happen that way.  The girls' shoes were also super cute, but my time limit with two kids was expiring so I may order a pair for fall for Darby online.  Check out my favorites below!