Weekending with the Watsons

Happy (or not-so happy) Monday!  This weekend was pretty low key.  On Friday afternoon I walked to Palani Drive with the girls for happy hour with one of my friends.  They have one of the best happy hours in town - $4 for a glass of wine.  It's also right next to Wardrobe, so I got to check out their new fall arrivals.  Just window shopping this time, though.

On Saturday we had friends over for game night.  We played Taboo and Heads Up and snacked on some appetizers.  I haven't played Taboo in a while and I forgot how hard it was.  Heads Up was definitely more fun.


I made a fresh veggie spread and pimento cheese cups.  The pimento cheese appetizers are super simple.  You just spoon some pimento cheese and red pepper jelly into phyllo cups and heat in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees.  My terrible attempt at food photography does not do them justice, but they are yummy!

I found this really good Thai coconut curry hummus at Fresh Market for the veggie spread.  It was a hit!


My girlfriend brought a jalapeno popper dip. I'm not sure which recipe she used, but this one seems pretty similar.  You can use bagel, pita, or tortilla chips as dippers.  It went well with fresh sliced red pepper dippers as well.  

On Sunday, Mark took Darby to play golf and I watched a little Olympic swimming and did some reading while Sloan napped.  I'm about halfway through All the Light We Cannot See.  

It's a long book and I don't get much time to sit and read because there's always laundry and dishes to do during nap time, but it's really good.  (Also, some little four-year-old keeps losing my place in the book and it takes me a good five minutes to search for my current spot.) It's one of those books that switches back and forth between time periods and plots which can been frustrating, but it keeps you hooked.

On Sunday night we stayed in and used OrderUp to have Hibachi Box delivered. They deliver food from so many good restaurants in Richmond.  Life changing for someone with a new baby. You can use code EAT30 to get $10 off your first three orders.  

Have a great week!