Sloan Is 2 Months Old + My Favorite Infant Stuff

Sloan is actually 2.5 months old, but close enough.  Things have been so much easier the second time around.  I remember we went to the emergency room last time because Darby wouldn't stop crying (turns out she just had really bad gas!).  This time we are relaxed and more rested and haven't really missed a beat.  We go out to restaurants, the pool, and pretty much have stuck with our normal routine.  Sloan naps in the car seat or stroller at least once a day, but she has to keep up with big sis!

I took some time to think about what we have really needed during the infant stage as I have been trying my best to live with the fewest number of things possible (because #obsessedwithminimalism).  I also read this book recently and donated or threw away tons.  Life. Changing.  Sometimes I get carried away and start chucking Mark's stuff and he gets mad, but most of the time he doesn't even notice. ;)

Back to infant stuff - we haven't used much more than the items below so far (other than our car seat, crib, clothes, diapers, and wipes). With the exception of the dresser, everything was leftover from Darby or given to us from friends.  My friends did throw me a small shower for baby #2, but all I asked for was diapers and wipes.  It's been 11 weeks and I haven't had to buy a diaper or wipe yet.  I highly recommend a diaper and wipes shower if you are in pursuit of minimalism as well.

  1. Rock n' Play - This was our crib up until about 10 weeks.  I had a c-section and the nursery is on the second floor, so Sloan slept in this downstairs during the first few weeks so that I only had to go up and down once a day.
  2. Dresser - Perfect for all your baby stuff!  (Other than the fact that you have to put it together.)  I ordered these drawer pulls to spruce it up.  Mine is pictured below.
  3. Diaper Changing Pad & Covers - No extra changing table needed...just stick this on top of your dresser.
  4. Monitor - If you have a really small house, you probably can get away without it, but I wear mine when I do yard work or play fetch with the dogs so it gives me a little more freedom. (I really enjoy mowing the lawn and yard work, so this is a must for me.)
  5. Sound Machine - I swear by these!  It signals to the baby that it's time to go to sleep and you don't have to worry about being as quiet around the house during nap time.  
  6. Snap and Go - I didn't have this last time, but I have used it almost everyday with Sloan.  I keep it in the trunk of my car and my car seat snaps in for running errands, shopping, and going to the gym.  It's so much lighter than my main stroller and you don't have to wake up the baby during transfer.
  7. Bouncy Seat - Great for awake time before the baby is mobile.
  8. Baby Bjorn - This is my favorite.  Great for the witching hour in the evenings when the baby is fussy.  I wear Sloan around while I prep dinner, vacuum, tidy up the house, and grocery shop.  
  9. Gender Neutral Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets | Girl - Boy - Love these!  I use them as swaddles, burp cloths, and to shade from the sun during stroller walks.  They are so soft and light!  Perfect for a summer baby.  Darby still has two of hers and she loves them.
  10. SwaddleMe Blankets - My mom calls these "straight jackets" but they work so well to keep the baby's arms and legs still so they sleep well.