My Favorite Finds At Costco

It has taken me about a year to get into a groove at Costco.  At first I thought I could use it to replace my weekly grocery store visit.  Wrong.  We just couldn't eat the fresh things fast enough and my original 1940s kitchen did not have the storage for a gallon of ketchup, soy sauce, and olive oil. 

What has ended up working out well for us is making a trip once every 4-6 weeks to stock up on longer-lasting items.  In addition to loving and buying the Kirkland brand of toilet paper, paper towels (they are select-a-size!), diapers, and wipes, below are some of the purchases I keep coming back to along with two new finds.

Darby loves these applesauce pouches and they are so easy to pack for a school snack.  They are only $9.99 for a 24 pack which comes to about .42 cents a pouch.  That is way less than in the grocery store.

This is one of my favorite almond butters and it is only $7.99 for 27 ounces.  In the grocery store, you will pay $7.99 for a container a quarter of this size. 


I also buy organic chicken breasts, ground beef, and ground turkey at Costco.  All of the packages separate easily for storage in the freezer.  Our freezer is tiny, so I'm usually tucking things into every nook and crany. 

These whole grain pancakes are our newest breakfast obsession.  We went through one 24 ounce box from the grocery store just last week.  I'm hoping this box will last at least three weeks as it contains three 24 ounce pouches.

These are the Costco brand of Quest protein bars.  I've tried both and I think these taste way better.  And, Quest bars cost about $2 each and these cost just under $1 each.  I don't eat them every day, but they are good to have on hand for hunger emergencies.  Better than eating fries, that's for sure!

I either get Veggie Straws or Pirate's Booty on every Costco run.  I make wraps for lunch and I need something salty and crunchy to go along with it.  Darby also loves to take them to school for snack.

I just ran out of Trader Joe's mini chicken cilantro wontons and Darby and I tasted these at Costco and really liked them.  And they don't have "salad" in them (cilantro), so Darby liked them even better. 

I always keep frozen cauliflower rice and veggies on hand so I can whip up a super quick dinner with wontons/dumplings and cauliflower fried rice.  So quick and easy. 

I've seen this brand at Ellwood Thompson's, so I knew it was the Tesla of frozen foods.  I think I've had a Boca Burger before, but not recently enough that I can recall the experience.  I tried one of these out as soon as I got home and I really like it.  There are actual peas and pieces of carrots in them and they were super flavorful.  I think they will be a good food for Sloan pretty soon, but the face Darby made when I was eating mine tells me she will be much harder to win over.  I think I'll eat them like a straight up like a burger sometimes and I also found 10 creative ways to eat veggie burgers over here.

Our go-to snack is either apple slices with peanut butter, almond butter, or a mini Babybel cheese.  These are great for school lunch as well!

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to see The Legwarmers tomorrow night for the first time and I am so excited!  My friend just got a hair crimper and my outfit is almost ready!