Super Bowl-less Weekend + Dinner Date Outfit + Senior Prom Memory

I started off the weekend at The Legwarmers concert at The National.  Darby and I had so much fun doing our makeup.  Thank goodness to Pinterest for paint-by-numbers 80s eye makeup.  Darby got this makeup kit from Santa which was the perfect color palette.


My girlfriend bought the cutest splatter paint leggings!  She definitely had the best outfit of the night.

Here's a picture of the whole gang!  I just wore black workout leggings, a cut tee shirt, this fanny pack, and these legwarmers.  And FYI, I wish the fanny pack would make a comeback.  It was the perfect way to carry my purse and cards while still having my hands free for 80s dancing. 

My girlfriend brought a crimper she ordered on Amazon to the pre-party and we all did our hair together.  I think that part was more fun than the concert!

On Saturday night we went to Buckhead's for dinner for a friend's birthday.  The shirt, clutch, and booties are no longer available, but I've found similar options:  (similar shirt under $25, similar shirt under $30, similar shirt under $70 | jeans, similar jeans under $70 | similar booties | similar clutch). 

prom night.jpg

I actually went to Buckhead's for senior prom and going there always reminds me of this fabulous prom dress.  It was from Sears and had marabou on the top.  Unfortunately, they don't make those anymore. 


My husband went out to watch the Super Bowl with friends and I was so excited to stay in with my crockpot chicken tikka masala and watch Big Bang Theory.  Unfortunately, my attempt at crockpot Indian food was a bust - the food blogger always says "this recipe tastes just like the real thing" and I always fall for it.  It was edible but just didn't come close to real Indian food, so I made a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich for dessert.  I'm loving Jif Whips peanut butter right now and I used Trader Joe's coconut oil spray instead of butter.  The coconut oil spray took the sandwich to the next level.  It is a must.

Have a great week!